Experiencing Art And Culture In The Face Of COVID-19


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For people who have a passion for art and culture, they often think about their heritage in these challenging times, the essence of cultural exchange, the inspiration that they gather from their travels, and the effect it all has on the communities across the world. The present circumstances have turned much of this upside down.

Typically, when March comes, we see a flourishing art activity all across media – movies, visual arts, performances, and a lot more. As the craft booms during the spring, cultural summers begin to unravel. The cultural period kids off with the summer art festivals, new theaters on Broadway, and a variety of concerts to choose from.

For 2020, things will be different.

While the whole world struggles to contain the coronavirus, how we are usually involved in the arts is changing tremendously. Person-to-person gatherings are now prohibited in public places at this time. However, for the lovers of art and culture, we can still try to engage artistically and culturally while we continue to follow social distancing measures that are being implemented in our community.

Look into museums worldwide through the web.

Traveling by plane is quite difficult these days, and public institutions like museums remain closed, so if you want to learn more about the magnificent museums that you plan to visit when this crisis subsides, you can see exhibits and other art-related material through the web with Google Arts and Culture. Discover the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, or the rugged National Museum of Indonesia, or learn interesting facts about the Hammer Museum in California.


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Similarly, a lot of museums have their online presentations for people to enjoy at home. Some of these museums are on the verge of closure due to COVID-19, but they upped their game by creating virtual shows for their online audience. MCA Denver has weekly themes for their shows through Instagram, for example.

Utilize Virtual Gallery Fairs and Other Art Festivals

Though we are practicing physical distancing to prevent further spread of the disease, we do not necessarily have to remove ourselves from what’s in on the art world. You may be sad to hear that the Art Basel in Hong Kong is not pushing through this year, but you can watch live streams and visit their virtual galleries. There are also several arts-based webinars and podcasts online about other museums in Hong Kong that are equally spectacular.

If you want to learn how to make art or enroll in art classes, you can find someone online who can help you with that. There is a broad range of YouTube videos, most of which are free, that offer art lessons and culture podcasts.

Improve your creativity while building relationships with the community.

This can be done in a gymnasium where you community members that practice appropriate social distancing guidelines. Art classes for kids and adults can be held during community festivals and help build creativity while establishing bonds between other members. If this is impossible, you can hold a videoconference through Skype or Zoom and exchange fresh ideas on what to create while staying at home. You can also encourage the community to participate by holding an art challenge online.

Also, if you’re bored at home and perhaps feel the negative vibes of the global health crisis, brush it off and draw inspiration from other artists by watching their techniques and following these techniques for a change.


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Take advantage of free learning materials and resource sites.

As COVID-19 persists, take this as an opportunity to widen your view of the world. Order books online. You don’t have to buy brand-new. There are a lot of second-hand books that are equally interesting and look good as new. If you’re interested in doing crafts, shop for affordable materials online, and maybe involve the family in doing what you plan to create. This not only expands your horizons in art but strengthens family bonds as well.

There are endless art and cultural opportunities that you can discover while your travel plans are put on hold this year. Hopefully, next year you will be able to fulfill these plans. But today, explore the world art in the comfort of your own home and stay safe and healthy.




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