Importance Of Hygiene (Student Learning Section)

In the last water and sanitation events 2019, there is a discussion about how poor hygiene affects health. Though many of us already know it, some are still not taking enough care of themselves. Perhaps that is because many people believe that their immune systems can somehow tolerate the dirt and bacteria buildup. But what happens when you stop cleaning yourself?


When you give up cleaning yourself, there are probably a lot of things that might happen. One of the common elements in the development of body odor. Yes, you might consider using some deodorants to tone down the smell temporarily. But if you don’t wash, the things you put in your body will create more bacteria. That instead of trying to cover the smell, it will soon add to the unpleasant smell that might become hard to get rid of overtime.

When there are bacteria around your body, it becomes sweatier, and skin becomes itchy. In some unfortunate instances, you develop allergies and skin diseases. That is, by the way, one of the things that eventually happen when you don’t clean yourself. And because there is no proper hygiene, the bacteria on your body can spread into the stuff you usually touch. It can spread on your bed, chairs, and your smartphone. In the worst part, you can spread your bacteria to others through public seats, transports, as well as paper and coin bills. All of those things can become exposed to your bacteria.


So you see, the danger of not cleaning yourself does not entirely revolve on you alone. Chances are, you can become the host of infection that might endanger someone else’s life by contributing to giving them a disease. So if you think about giving up on hygiene because you believe it only affects you, you might want to think again.


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