Preserve Our Culture


The 2019 culture preservation summit explains that our culture is the reflection of our aspirations, values, and beliefs. It defines our identity and provides us with economic and social worth. It is what makes use whole and unique. But as we move towards the realm of scientific advancements, we lose the effort of cultural preservation. That is why in the summit, there is an emphasis on the importance of doing something about it.

The influence of cultural preservation has something to do with the world’s image of history. Since we are now in an era of technological globalization, people view culture as an eye-opener of the past. That is because there is the sharing of ideas and influences that describe each nationality since the beginning of human existence. So by ensuring a transmission to the next generation, we are doing ourselves a favor of keeping our integrity.


Culture And Globalization

Cultural preservation does not mean we have to forget about technology and cut ourselves out of the civilized world. It merely implies that we need to save it for future generations. As much as we want to allow a fast-changing world, we also need to hold on to the identity that constitutes us all together. We have to ensure to keep our societal aspects intact along with our language, norms, values, and customs. And since culture is one of the most significant contributors to our well-being, we have to be particular in caring for our community, social groups, symbolic structures, and traditions.

We have to understand that our culture is the shaper of each of our personalities. It is part of our expression as an individual who lives in diversity. It allows us to understand and communicate with others, as well. Honestly, these reasons are already enough to push through cultural preservation.


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