The Importance Of Defining Our Roots: 2016 Philadelphia Heritage Festival

Our heritage comes in many forms and attending the 2016 Philadelphia Heritage Festival helped me discover our roots’ importance. It is in the genes we share with our ancestors. It also comes with the music and objects we treasure. Even our beliefs and traditions are our heritage. It becomes the defining factor that shapes who we are. Here are the three things I’ve uncovered from the festival.

Self-Discovery And Understanding

We have always entered a phase in which we questioned who we are. Studying our heritage helps remedy this problem. It becomes the starting point in the quest for a better understanding of ourselves. It helps put us on track by giving us an idea of our purpose. Those with a business type of family often pursue a corporate job. This journey often leads one to a path that preserves their heritage.


A Priceless Legacy

Our heritage is always there. Like knowledge, it is something that we won’t lose even up to our death beds. It serves as a priceless gift we can share with our future generations. Our children or even grandchildren can understand how we lived in the years before them. It becomes a symbol of our bloodline and existence. To value one’s heritage as it’s passed down is indeed something we can be proud of. After all, these hold the stories in defining who we are.

Strong Sense Of Unity

For those who share the same beliefs, there is a strong sense of belonging. Our heritage is a powerful tool that helps unite groups of people. It serves as our guide in the development of our communities. It helps foster camaraderie among diverse groups. It encompasses our families and people of the same nationalities. It becomes the connection that binds us together.


The festival encouraged me to discover my roots. The sight of the jubilant and vibrant cultures was very enlightening. It persuaded me to look back and question my origins. In the end, I felt that this was a festival one shouldn’t miss.